The Guernsey Arts Commission invests in a broad range of activities across all art forms in order to support a vibrant and sustainable arts sector.We offer vital funding to the local arts community – individual artists, cultural organisations, established artistic groups – in order to encourage excellence and improved access to the arts  for the wider community.

The Guernsey Arts Commission has taken over from the Culture Group as the public body for arts funding on the island. Although similar to our 2009 application process, there have been slight changes made in the requirements for 2010 funding applications, so please read carefully the Guidance Notes to Arts Funding (below).

There is more information on our funding process available on the website

GAC Funding Application forms
(please ensure to download both the Application Form and the Guidance Notes)

Please note the deadline dates for submissions on page 3. of the Guidance Notes. The deadline dates for 2010 are as follows:

Tuesday 5th January

Monday 1st March

Tuesday 5th May

Monday 5th July

Tuesday 31st August

Monday 1st November

We are sorry, but we do not accept late applications.


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