Established in May 2008, the Guernsey Arts Commission is a charitable trust, formed to develop and promote the arts in the island.

The Commission works closely with the island’s diverse and vibrant arts community to further the aspirations of, and facilitate support for, both organisations and individuals alike. The Commission aims to achieve greater participation and experience of the arts for the wider community.

Currently made up of eight commissioners drawn from across the arts spectrum, the Commission, through its sub–committees, will work with Guernsey’s arts community and the wider community to increase the profile and reach of the arts in the island.

The Guernsey Arts Commission aims to provide a strong, identifiable voice for the arts in the island, raising public awareness and promoting the value, relevance and importance of the arts. Taking on the role of administering States of Guernsey arts funding, and aiming to attract new private funding to the arts, this charitable body will encourage new directions to be explored whilst also underpinning the amazing range and breadth of arts activity already happening in Guernsey.

While creating a framework to deliver new initiatives, the Commission hopes to foster debate on the arts in its widest context by looking beyond the island’s shores for best practice and, by working on cross–disciplinary initiatives, reach new audiences and create a wider and deeper participation in the arts throughout Guernsey.

Download our current publication outlining the GAC Priorities for 2009-2011:


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