Poems on the Buses – a call for poems

Poems on the Buses is a scheme initiatied in November 2008 by the Film, Poetry and Prose sub-committee to take poetry to the masses while giving local poets a platform. Due to its great reception we are delighted to be able to extend the scheme into the Summer months 2009. The GAC would like to invite you to submit your poem/s for consideration.

Criteria for Submissions:

  •  Poems should not exceed 14 lines in length
  • Must be suitable for public display
  • Must be sent together with your full name and contact details (& age as there is an under 16’s category).
    The deadline for submissions is Friday 17 April.

 Submissions can be emailed to: Poet@cwgsy.net, or sent
by post to: Poems On The Buses, c/o Island Coachways, Les Banques, St Peter Port, GY1 2HZ.

Poems on the Buses

Poems on the Buses


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