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Music Meets Art: Public Lecture with Sir Peter Blake

Music Meets Art
Mark Ellen interviews Sir Peter Blake

Performing Arts Centre,
Friday 22nd May 2009
7.30 pm (doors and bar open at 7.00 pm)
Tickets are £6.00

Since his emergence in the early 60s as a key member of the burgeoning Pop Art movement, Sir Peter Blake has been one of the best-known British artists of his generation. As part of the Guernsey College of Further Education, International Artist in Residence Programme, and in partnership with the Guernsey Arts Commission and HSBC Private Bank, Sir Peter Blake will be interviewed by Mark Ellen (Editor of The WORD magazine) on the topic of ‘Music Meets Art’.

Tickets are now available via
Ensure to book early to avoid disappointment!



Poems on the Buses – a call for poems

Poems on the Buses is a scheme initiatied in November 2008 by the Film, Poetry and Prose sub-committee to take poetry to the masses while giving local poets a platform. Due to its great reception we are delighted to be able to extend the scheme into the Summer months 2009. The GAC would like to invite you to submit your poem/s for consideration.

Criteria for Submissions:

  •  Poems should not exceed 14 lines in length
  • Must be suitable for public display
  • Must be sent together with your full name and contact details (& age as there is an under 16’s category).
    The deadline for submissions is Friday 17 April.

 Submissions can be emailed to:, or sent
by post to: Poems On The Buses, c/o Island Coachways, Les Banques, St Peter Port, GY1 2HZ.

Poems on the Buses

Poems on the Buses

In Your Face – video project at the greenhouse

Now Showing at the greenhouse exhibition and project space:

The ‘In Your Face Video’ aims to gather responses from young people aged 11 – 25 to two very simple questions..

  • What do you love about Guernsey?
  • What do you hate about Guernsey?

This project is designed to raise awareness about some of the issues that young people are concerned with on the island.  The questions aim to give young people from varying backgrounds a voice creating a dialogue between them and the wider community.

This project is part of a longer running project that plans to increase the participation of young people in the arts within the island.  Initially these projects ask very little of the young people, but hopefully as they progress the involvement will increase.

The success of the project relies on the involvement of participants from various backgrounds, so the more people that take part the better. ‘In Your Face Video’ is on-going and shall be added too throughout the year.   Here are the first edits… Please feel free to post a comment below…



the greenhouse exhibiton space can be found in the Guernsey Information Centre, admission is free and everyone is welcome.

Why do Community Arts Matter?
Download a sheet detailing why Community Arts are important and our aims and objectives for Community Arts in the Island: why-community-arts-matter

GAC 2009-2011 Priorities

This February the Guernsey Arts Commission launched a booklet outlining its key objectives and initiatives for the next three years. The guiding purpose for the GAC from 2009-2011 will be that of strategic development and in order to fulfill this aim, to help the arts in Guernsey to grow and develop, to involve more people in the arts and to expand horizons, five key priorities have been identified. They will enable focus, while giving a clearly defined list of priorities to the numerous arts practitioners and organisations that apply for support and funding. An electronic version of the booklet is available below, or alternatively a hard copy can be picked up from the greenhouse, the Guernsey Information Centre or via emailing a brochure request to



Download this publication: GAC-Priorities-Booklet-2009-2011